Phoenix TrustedCore™ is an advanced Bios solution and enhances endpoint security by providing a secure core root of trust measurement. Phoenix TrustedCore™ supports Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) 2.0 and is build on PhoenixBios™ 4.0 Release 6.x.

Phoenix TrustedCore can still be licensed but is not recommended for new designs. For new projects one of the following Products versions should be used:

Phoenix SecureCore Technology Embedded

Phoenix SecureCore Technology Mobile

Phoenix SecureCore Technology Server

Phoenix TrustedCore is the most advanced firmware available and includes capabilities that legacy BIOS solutions cannot offer. Phoenix TrustedCore SP3B enhances endpoint security by providing secure CRTM (core root of trust measurement, also known as BIOS Boot Block) update through Secure Flash process with the Phoenix Secure Winflash product.

Secure foundation for Endpoint Confidence

PhoenixTrustedCore™ includes the embedded cryptographic engine, StrongROM, which allows authentication of the firmware itself. PhoenixTrustedCore™ provides a secure root of trust that can authenticate operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows Vista. StrongROM can complement TPM 1.2 chip in a system to further enhance device security, or provide a level of cryptographic security by itself for systems that do not contain TPM 1.2 chip. Phoenix will also enable StrongROM to support pre-OS security functions via Phoenix TrustedCore Preboot Authentication with HDD Password Lock to support for of ASCII password and smart token support. There is also separate option to achieve Phoenix TrustedCore Preboot Authentication support for biometric fingerprint sensors.


Phoenix TrustedCore™ is fully supporting the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) industry standard. The latest Phoenix TrustedCore Service Pack (SP3b) will boot Windows XP in EFI 1.10 mode, and boot 64bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista in full UEFI 2.0 mode. Phoenix TrustedCore SP3b offers separate UEFI PI DDK for silicon vendors and independent hardware vendors (IHVs), as well as separate UEFI Shell Application SDK at application vendors and OEMs, to enable creation of UEFI 2.0 drivers.

Phoenix TrustedCore™ is compliant with all other major standards, including USB, PCI, ACPI, 1394, WfM and PC2001.

Rapid Designs

Phoenix TrustedCore™ is designed for rapid board design and deployment incorporating enhanced security, manageability and built-in device identity.


Onscreen Branding and Startup Screen

StrongROM authentication of CSS and PhoenixTrustedCore Preboot Authentication with HDD Password Lock (optional product to support 2-factor and multi-factor authentication in preboot environment)

Windows Vista Bitlocker logo compliant – Phoenix TrustedCore SP3b will support Bitlocker secure CRTM (core root of trust measurement, also known as BIOS Boot Block) update through Phoenix Secure Winflash product

UEFI boot loader and modular EFI