AMD Embedded G-Series SOCEltan is fully supporting the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC (FT3b Processor) also known as Crowned Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Mullins and Beema

We are supporting the latest generation of the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC. This generation of SoC's is also known as Crowned Eagle or Steppe Eagle (for embedded), Mullins and Beema.

These SoCs provide improved performance using the Jaguar+ and enhanced security using the integrated Platform Security Processor (PSP) compatible with ARM TrustZone.

We have Phoenix SecureCore Technology evaluation BIOS available for both the "Larne" mobile evaluation board, the embedded DB-FT3 "Olive Hill" board and the DB-FT3-LC "Olive Hill+" board.

We also provide coreboot support for this AMD product family. We create a custom coreboot implemenations for your AMD based design.

Olive Hill

Eltan provides fully customized BIOS solutions for the AMD Embedded G-Series SOC in a cost effective and efficient way and besides that we can assist you creating your own hardware design or provide you with a complete turnkey design.


Olive Hill blockdiagram

We are closely working with AMD to provide you with the best possible support for your AMD embedded product.


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