Model name : HD-2

1.27mm 2x8 SMT male header(for SO16W footprint)

The 1.27mm 2x8 SMT male header can be used to solder directly to the serial flash footprint on your application with SO16W packages. The purpose is to let users to use a backup serial flash or serial flash emulator by connecting this header to Dediprog Backup Boot Fash Module or EM100 through a connection adaptor during development.

Contents :

  • 50 pieces of 1.27mm 2x8 SMT male header

Options :

  • Backup Boot Flash Modules
  • Serial Flash Emulator (EM100)
  • SO16 Connection Adaptor for BBF (BBF-CON-16)
  • SO Connection Adaptor for EM100 (EM-CON-SO)
  • 1.27mm 2x8 Cable with Female Header (CB-28-127)