Model name : BBF-DIP

Backup Boot Flash Module-DIP Socket

The Backup Boot Flash-DIP is an ingenious tool to force the application controller to work automatically with the backup SPI Flash inserted in our tool DIP socket instead of with the Main Serial Flash soldered on the board. Upon connection to the board, the BBF tool will automatically disable the Main Serial Flash. There is no need to unsolder the Main Serial Flash.

The BBF-DIP can be used as an emulator by connecting it to the application DIP socket (remove the DIP serial flash on the application) with our BBF cable (included) and DIP cable adaptor. Or the BBF DIP can be used as a programmer for serial flash in DIP packages if used together with the SF100 programmer.

The Serial Flash can easily be changed manually thanks to the DIP socket or even updated by connecting our SF100 programmer. The SF100 programmer is completely transparent for the application and will offer to developer high flexibility for code trials or update.

Contents :

  • 1 x backup boot flash module with DIP socket(BBF-DIP)
  • 1 x BBF cable with 2.54 pitch 2x5 female header + 1 x DIP Cable Adaptor

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