Model name : BBF-D16W

The Dual SO16W Backup Boot Flash is an ingenious tool to force the application controller to work automatically on the two backup SPI Flash devices inserted in our two SO16W sockets and not on the Main Serial Flash soldered on board. At the connection, the BBF tool will automatically disable the Two Main Serial Flash (on board) that don’t need to be unsoldered.


The BBF Dual SO16W tool allows working on two Backup Serial Flash providing that they are controlled by the same SPI bus and two different Chip select in the application board.


The BBF tool can be connected to the application with:

  • Our BBF cable (included) to the application 2X5 2.54mm pin header
  • Our Dual SO16W Test Clip (to be purchased separately) with one SO16W Test Clip to be connected on the First Serial flash package soldered on board  and two individual test clips to be connected on the Chip select and Hold pin of the second serial Flash soldered on board (no need of connectors).


The two memories can be easily changed manually thanks to the two SO16W sockets or even updated by connecting our SF100 programmer that can update both SPI Flash independently. The SF100 programmer is completely transparent for the application and will offer to developer high flexibility for code trials or update. The BBF tool is frequently used to boot failing computers and use the Flash Utility tools to update the corrupted Bios memories.

Features :

  • Compatible with most of the applications (no hardware modification needed)
  • Disable automatically the two Main Serial Flash soldered on board (No need to unsolder it)
  • The two Backup Serial Flash can be easily updated by connecting the SF100 programmer

Contents :

  • 1 x Dual Backup Boot Flash with two SO16W sockets (BBF-D16W)
  • 1 x BBF cable with 2.54mm pitch 2x5 female header
  • 1 x 1.27mm 2x8 to 2.54mm 2x5 cable adaptor
  • 2 x 1.27mm 2x8 SMT male header
  • 2 x cables with test clip

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