Why Outsource?

The growing complexity of Technology, fast changing technology and emerging new standards, shortened product development cycles, Quality requirements and the pressure to stay ahead of competition and profitable requires many “right people” in your organization. Finding the right, experienced people and funding the development environment and tools can be difficult or out of the financial scope.

An external organization with a specialized, full experienced staff, up to date on the technology and trends, up-to date tools and procedures are a technical and financial attractive proposition.

Why not contract labor?

Companies do turn to contract labor to supplement their staff and capabilities, when necessary, and reducing the contract labor after project completion. Disadvantages to this approach are:
-Where's your contractor after a problem is discovered?
-Is, was the contractor an expert for the job or just learning on the job?
-Did the contractor bring his own invested tools?
-Is the contractor working according required quality standards and methods?

What about the cost?

Some functions of development are cyclical in nature. Maintaining a full-time staff and well-equipped lab is expensive and may not be a reasonable investment for companies that have a limited number of product releases per year.

With the advantage of an experienced and specialized outsource company, you can deliver a more competitively priced product, well timed to meet market demands.

Who is Eltan?

Eltan B.V. is an experienced engineering company specialized in PC and Communication Technology. Eltan is bringing many products to the market every year through their customer base.

Why Eltan?

With a specialized outsource company like Eltan, you have the right resource to help your organization deliver products, resolve associated issues, and reduce overall development costs. We respect your IP.

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