We offer services for a range of products which are mentioned below. If you are not sure if  your requirements fit this list please contact us. Most likely we can help you, if this is not the case we will tell you so.

We concentrate on the core of the system, below you can see what we mean with that.

  • File System Filter Drivers
  • Boot loaders (e.g. for Linux or other RTOS)
  • Hardware Device Drivers
  • Filter Drivers
  • Operating System Configuration
  • Embedded Software

Which services can we offer you

We are very flexible in adapting our services to your actual requirements. Our actual offering will be determined together with you.

The list below will give you an impression of our offerings.

  • Architecture Definition
  • Design Review
  • Consulting Services
  • Custom Driver Development
  • Technical Support

Architecture Definition

We define an architecture that is optimal for your solution. We focus on creating a cost effective solution that will also improve your time to market.

Design Review

Our design review services are an important step in getting a project out on time, and on budget. A thorough design review will substantially reduce the risks of your project. In many cases the cost will be reduced as well.

Common errors we have observed include, incomplete or unclear specifications, underestimating the complexity of device driver development, implementing hardware in a way that custom driver development is required while this can be done in a more efficient way, and not matching the optimal hardware to the application. We can eliminate these pitfalls and make sure you don't run into these unpleasant surprises later.

Consulting Services

Some examples of what we can do for you are :

  • Reviewing issues in an existing driver.
  • Debugging an existing driver.
  • Determining performance bottlenecks.

The items above are just a few examples, we can help you with a large variety of items that can't be foreseen and listed here. Just contact us to check if we can help you.

Of course we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and because we want to build a long term relationship with you we will always seek the optimal and most cost effective solution for the issue involved!

Since we are a small and flexible company we can react very fast when there is 
an emergency issue.

Technical Support

Our commitment does not stop after we have delivered you the software. We can offer you support contracts to either maintain the driver for you or to support you people when they maintain the drivers.

Within the support agreement we are not limited to the driver we delivered. Our services cover whatever you need as long as it is related to the services we provide. We can even create small support tools without the complexity of starting a new project putting together a contract etc.