Our experienced engineering staff has been working with operating systems for the PC architecture since the very beginning. We concentrate on those parts that are at the core of the system. Because of our experienced staff we can offer you high quality advice and create an optimal solution together with you. Our dedication to the core of the system improves your time to market and will reduce the overall project cost.

Operating System Configuration

Because of our in depth system knowledge and huge experience we determine the optimal Operating System configuration for your application. Together with you we analyze your requirements and determine the optimal configuration for your system.

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Services we are offering

We offer services for a range of products which are mentioned below. If you are not sure if  your requirements fit this list please contact us. Most likely we can help you, if this is not the case we will tell you so.

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Working method

As you will know, by looking at Windows blue screens (which are often caused by bad drivers), quality is first priority when dealing with device drivers. We achieve top notch quality by performing rigorous testing, clear specifications and what we call defensive programming.

Before we start we deliver a "Statement Of Work" so there is a clear understanding of what will be delivered. This will eliminate unpleasant surprises later on in the project.

We use a version control system for all of our projects so we can keep track of the changes and always have a complete overview of the software that has been delivered.

We believe that open communication is essential for a long lasting relationship. Because of that we make sure we know what your requirements are so we can tailor our offerings to that.

When a project start a technical contact will be established. This contact will remain the same throughout the project and it's support phase. It is our policy to have the same contact for follow up projects as well. This will speed up the communication.