Eltan has experts with over 30 years of PC and Communication Technology related hardware design experience. Eltan has designed and brought hardware to production that is at the forefront of technology.

Our core competence is based on x86 technology; covering the Intel, AMD, VIA Technologies and Vortex standard and embedded processor lines. Additionally, especially for low power applications ARM based microprocessors are covered.

Some examples of products covered by our experts:

  • Industrial, embedded, and regular PC boards
  • Information Appliances
  • PC on a Chip based board solutions
  • Notebooks and Tablet PC
  • Server boards and Blade servers with up to 250+ systems in a single cabinet
  • Ethernet switches
  • (redundant) power supplies
  • Medical solutions
  • Automotive solutions
  • Security solutions
  • Testing solutions
  • Carrier boards for System on Module solutions

Within the PC and Communication technology, Industrial Standards (with documented and non-documented features) are key. Eltan designs according to and compliant with these standards.

Just to name some of these standards in which Eltan is experienced in:

  • Ethernet, power over ethernet (PoE)
  • USB
  • IEEE1394
  • LPC
  • PCI
  • CompactPCI
  • PCI Express
  • Smart battery and SMBus
  • DDR3, DDR4
  • Firmware Hubs
  • SPI FLash
  • FPGA / Xilinx
  • Q7, ComExpress
  • SD card, eMMC
  • And many other I/O specifications and board standards

Eltan has made special arrangements with various hardware vendors, like AMD, Intel, VIA Technologies, Xilinx, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, MicroChip SMSC, Winbond, Nuvoton, Renesas, ITE, Vortex etc to accommodate the needs of the embedded market and has numerous contacts with third party manufacturers in Europe.

Eltan has created tools to make it easier to evaluate and develop custom x86 systems. They can be found in the Development Tools section.

Solutions for Manufacturers and System Builders

At Eltan we do understand the many issues involved with manufacturing and assembly of PC systems and Eltan provides solutions.

Reducing support costs and creating extra customer appraisal, we can provide you with solutions from the core. Build in hardware checks, Internet connectivity without a running OS at the client to support your service/ help-desk. Reducing hardware returns due to virus infected or otherwise corrupted OS’s. Reinstalling applications and OS’s as set by the manufacturer without seperate media. Reduce warranty costs and/or sell extended warranty at lower cost. This can save you money and Eltan provides solutions from the core.

Further, Production quality, efficiency and flexibility are major cost drivers. Important aspects are production time, test time and achieved quality level. Eltan has experience in small and large-scale production and is capable of achieving important production efficiency improvements. These improvements can be achieved by design, but also by defining the right production method, automatic test method and automatic installation of software. Based on the extensive experience Eltan experts judge investments versus variable cost, flexibility and quality. Customers benefit by reduced cost and predictable production level. Eltan has a comprehensive suite of unique test tools available, and has the ability to develop new ones to improve test coverage and reduce test time for production and run-in tests
Customized start-up screens

We can definitely get this organized together with the Bios or bootloader for OEM’s. For System Builders we can provide tools or solutions depending on the actual BIOS used on the purchased boards.

Some of the support is based on Phoenix products as you can find on this web site under products. Expert know-how is delivered by Eltan.

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