Eltan is very experienced in creating kernel mode device drivers especially for the Microsoft Operating Systems. Some examples are listed below. Please feel free to contact us if your specific requirement is not listed here.

Filesystem Filter Driver

We are one of the few design houses with extensive expertise on File System (Filter) Drivers for Windows Server and Windows 10 as well as the Windows Embedded Standard (WES). So if you have any special requirement that could involve the file system we help you turning your idea into reality.

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Filter Drivers

Filter drivers are in general written for Windows Server, Windows 10 and the Windows Embedded family of products including Windows Embedded Standard (WES). These drivers sit on top on an existing driver and can change it's behavior. For a disk it could encrypt all data written to this disk, provide software RAID etc. Writing these drivers requires a good knowledge of the Windows architecture in order to define the correct approach.

Windows device drivers

We have specialized in creating kernel mode drivers for the various Windows Operating Systems. We concentrate on the Windows architecture. The operating systems that are supported are: Windows Server and Windows 10 as well as the Windows Embedded operating systems.

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We have been working with Eltan to create the device driver required for our ArchiveOne product. We are very pleased with driver and the support we got during the creation of the product. We got down to earth advice creating the specification. The software was delivered on time and the response to additional specification points was excellent. We have got an excellent solution to our problem at an acceptable cost. It is a pleasure working with them.

Ken Hughes

CTO, C2C Systems Ltd.