coreboot logocoreboot is an opensource bootloader supporting all x86 processors

Eltan coreboot services

Eltan provides custom development for coreboot. We are working closely with AMD and Intel to provide top level coreboot development services. We implement custom implementations for your board based on the reference code we have in house. Besides that we have the knowledge and information to create coreboot components for chips that are currently not supported. For the Intel processors we create coreboot implementations based on the Intel FSP code or the classic MRC code. What is selected depends on the cpu family to be supported and your preferences. 

We use eltan coreboot studio for our development so when the solution is delivered you can simply start working at the same code tree without any additional hassle.

We will support you with the base coreboot functionality but will also customize existing payloads are create new ones for your application.

Please feel free to contact us for any coreboot development task. 

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