Eltan has experts with over 30 years experience with BIOS development. All sorts of standard and special projects have been executed for our customers benefit in all possible features. Eltan is a Partner of Phoenix and can seamless customize the BIOS code of Phoenix SecureCore Technology, PhoenixBIOS, AwardBIOS and General Software (GenSW) BIOS to the customer hardware platform and arrange license agreements fit for industrial and embedded suppliers.

At Eltan, the BIOS engineers are experienced in all (UEFI and Legacy) BIOS products from Phoenix, covering Phoenix SecureCore Technology, Phoenix EBSF, Phoenix SecureCore, PhoenixBIOS, Phoenix AwardCore, AwardBIOS, GenSW BIOS, General Software BIOS, Phoenix TrustedCore, Embedded BIOS, FirstBIOS Pro and FirstBIOS code bases. The engineers are experienced in “core code” development and have implemented hundreds of customer specific implementations.

At Eltan we have very strict code control procedures and source archiving tools in place. This does allow us and our customers to retrieve code delivered and continue development, now but also in a later stage when issues arise with changed hardware or Operating systems.

At Eltan the engineers have a very extensive experience in all sorts of BIOS-based features. To name some:

  • Console redirect: feature for monitoring POST messages, running BIOS Setup and an Operating system from a remote terminal.
  • Headless console: system without video output.
  • Remote headless console: console redirect feature on a system without video output.
  • Auto reboot, hardware watchdog, BIOS watchdog.
  • Pre-boot communication
  • ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface), all power states S0, S1, S2, S3 and S4.
  • MultiBoot III accommodates devices from which an Operating System can be booted.
  • Booting from IDE and SCSI fixed disks, ATAPI CD-ROMs, Network cards (remote boot), PC Cards (PCMCIA), USB storage media (USB floppy, USB hard disk, USB stick), Iomega Zip Drives, 1394 (FireWire) storage media, Compact Flash, SD and eMMC.
  • Remote boot: start from a boot device in a remote system
  • Remote Flash update: flash System BIOS through a remote terminal.
  • Minimized, reduced BIOS startup time, advanced diagnostics
  • Third Party BIOS extensions and Video BIOS
  • Multikey: keyboard firmware.
  • Security (BIOS Setup Security-Menu features and BIOS Security Services)

Quality First

Each implementation goes through an engineering test followed by a full QA test. The result is a high quality and fully tested implementation for each CPU, chipset, or other silicon.

Customers benefit by the license arrangement and the unique concentration of experts in BIOS, Hardware and Operating Systems.

An overview of the various Phoenix BIOS products that are offered can be found in the Products section.