Product development services

Product development

Eltan experts develop innovative products based on PC and / or Communication technology. Projects include PC systems, motherboards, network components, firmware (BIOS, bootloader etc), device drivers, add-in cards for the industrial, embedded or general purpose PC market as well as the creation of true single purpose hardware based on PC technology. Eltan is used to work in multi-disciplinary teams in both large and small organizations and covers definition, implementation, test, qualification and mass production.

Eltan is very experienced in management of complex innovative projects, handling time to market, quality and design for production as well as the necessary production and hard- and software test tools. Projects vary from a single field of expertise to the complete product development. At Eltan we will work with your engineers for optimized use of each field of expertise.

All the project deliverables will be tested and passed the QA test. The QA tests are based on “over 25 years of compatibility testing” and turned into a special test suite: PCQual, providing fast, quality proven feedback on potential issues in hardware, Bios, Drivers or Operating system issues. Further we perform internal Windows Logo and Linux firmware test suite testing, before releasing products.

At Eltan we have the necessary tools and equipment available for short development times and quality products. The Eltan experts cover all aspects of the development PC and Communication Technology products, e.g. hardware, firmware (BIOS, bootloader e.g. coreboot), device drivers, test, qualification, (Real Time) Operating systems, Security, etc.

Customers benefit from the unique combination of experts of Eltan by reducing time to market and development cost, while increasing quality levels, production efficiency, customer satisfaction and reducing failure rates and field repair cost. Competition is usually specialized in a single technology.