A very experienced team in PC and Communication Technology forms Eltan. The technical experience covers all disciplines from the hardware up to and including the operating system.

Eltan does support it’s customer in development, manufacturing and system building.

Experts are available in the field of:

Eltan has created the conditions to use the PC Technology in industrial and embedded applications.

Essential in our approach is to use advantages of PC Technology without the disadvantages. The revolutionary development of PC Technology has increased the potential usage of this technology enormously. Based on PC Technology the widest range of software components are available. The majority of the software developers is familiar with the PC environment and is able to create software for the embedded environment. Based on price decreases of standard PC hardware, the availability of PC components with extended life cycles and the creation of PC on a Chip devices very price competitive products can be developed.

The team has extended experience in all steps at the product creation side, e.g. product definition, product development, design validation, compatibility testing, mass production, automated testing, software loading, etc.

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