Phoenix SecureCore Technology™ 4.X (Phoenix SCT) is the next-generation UEFI BIOS firmware for cross-device, cross-codebase compatibility. The universal build system of Phoenix SecureCore Technology™ comes with native EDK II support and is compatible with EDK 1117, allowing system developers to use a single BIOS core across different silicon platforms and operating systems, saving customization and maintenance efforts while reducing time to market. Working with Eltan, manufacturers can use the product for a customized Bios solution that meets and exceeds their specific design requirements.


Based on the latest UEFI specification (2.3.1) and the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI PCI Platform Support specification (1.2), Phoenix SCT has an industry-leading architecture that provides a multi-layered operating environment. The value of one-to-one mapping of the SDK architecture contributes to modularization and results in customization that is both easy and efficient.

The advantage of the Phoenix SCT modular tree structure has itself turned into a competitive advantage for our customers. Phoenix SCT’s proven scalability and reliability not only improves deployment efficiency, but also increases engineering productivity.

Fully compliant with the latest industry specifications and the advanced UEFI features of Microsoft® Windows® 8, Phoenix SecureCore Technology™ is the most technologically advanced UEFI BIOS firmware to date, offering a high-performance, robust architecture that achieves shorter boot times, greater reliability, and easy customization.

The universal build system and advanced functionality enabled by the latest specifications fused with the innovative features created by Phoenix brings tremendous benefits to customers seeking BIOS scalability and reusability.

Touch Optimization

Optimized for touchscreen applications, Phoenix SCT comes with a Window 8-style GUI BIOS Setup that is intuitive to use and aesthetically consistent with Windows 8. Phoenix SCT also supports BitLocker unlock via virtual keyboard and programmable touch hot zones that function as hotkeys.

Why Eltan

Professional Design support for your system solutions
Experienced European Development team

  • Superior UEFI BIOS engineering
  • Direct engineering contacts for fast support and ensure you go to market
  • Hundreds of embedded systems projects completed
  • Hardware and Embedded Controller Design
  • Device Driver and Operating System Experts
  • Quality, Reliability, Extended lifetime support
  • Co-operating with Intel, AMD and other Silicon Vendors

Phoenix CoreArchitect development

SecureCore Technology is fully supported by Phoenix CoreArchitect that automates many platform configuration tasks and provides easy debugging possibilities.

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