Phoenix SecureCore Technology™ (SCT) is the next generation UEFI BIOS firmware for the embedded market with advanced features to enhance system security, connectivity and manageability. Designed with over 30 years of domain expertise in firmware architecture and engineering, Phoenix SCT is the first UEFI BIOS with native EDK II support that is also compatible with EDK 1117. Working with Eltan, manufacturers can use the product for a customized Bios solution that meets and exceeds their specific design requirements.

Intelligent Computing for Connected Devices

Embedded system developers today are striving to build innovative products that go beyond rugged and reliable industrial design. In the connected world, embedded systems are equipped with builtin intelligence to process large amounts of data and intrinsic security to prevent malicious attacks, or accidental damage. The importance of security, connectivity and manageability need to be addressed across different levels of embedded system development, including board, system, OS, application, and BIOS. Phoenix SCT is an intelligent firmware solution for trusted embedded networked devices that goes far beyond the traditional standalone BIOS, providing vital features necessary to manage and secure today's connected devices. Supporting a wide array of embedded applications, Phoenix SCT comes with a scalable architecture specifically designed to make porting and customization easy.

Easy Customization

Architected with a clean code tree and modularized design, Phoenix SCT supports multi-platform, multi-OS enablement with easy customization and maintenance. The universal build system of Phoenix SCT allows setup menu customization with XML based scripts to update the VFR and driver code simultaneously.

Performance and I/O Flexibility

Supporting legacy and multiple simultaneous SIOs, Phoenix SCT provides comprehensive I/O and boot device support. Compliant with the latest network manageability features like IPMI, DASH, Intel vPro, and Serial Over Lan, Phoenix SCT enhances connectivity and control of networked devices while providing UEFI boot time optimization and power efficiency improvement services for mission critical applications.

Touch Optimization

Optimized for touchscreen applications, Phoenix SCT comes with a Window 8-style GUI BIOS Setup that is intuitive to use and aesthetically consistent with Windows 8. Phoenix SCT also supports BitLocker unlock via virtual keyboard and programmable touch hot zones that function as hotkeys.

Why Eltan

Professional Design support for your system solutions
Experienced European Development team

  • Superior UEFI BIOS engineering
  • Direct engineering contacts for fast support and ensure you go to market
  • Hundreds of embedded systems projects completed
  • Hardware and Embedded Controller Design
  • Device Driver and Operating System Experts
  • Quality, Reliability, Extended lifetime support
  • Co-operating with Intel, AMD and other Silicon Vendors

Phoenix CoreArchitect development

SecureCore Technology is fully supported by Phoenix CoreArchitect that automates many platform configuration tasks and provides easy debugging possibilities.

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