EM100 is the DediProg Serial Flash Emulator based on RAM memory in order to offer the best update performance. This advanced tool has been designed in close cooperation with the Serial Flash suppliers to emulate the behaviors of all the market Serial Flash and also the next generation Serial Flash.


em100 emulator

Features :

  • USB powered
  • Palm size
  • Windows 2000 / XP/ Vista compatible
  • Graphic User interface, Command line or DLL to develop your own interface (on demand)
  • Intel-Hex, Motorola S-record and binary input file format supported
  • Emulate all the market Serial Flash
  • Unlimited SPI signals trace
  • Trigger Output signals
  • SPI Hyper terminal to display debug messages from your application firmware to your host PC
  • SPI Hyper terminal bidirectional communication to control your application firmware from your Host PC as a debugger

Benefits :

  • Minutes becomes¬†seconds for SPI Flash code update (3 seconds to update 128Mb SPI Flash)
  • Save up to 1 hours every days for your development and reduce your time to market
  • Debug efficiently your application through the available SPI bus with our SPI Trace, SPI Trigger, SPI Hyper Terminal for debug messages
  • You ideal development tool when developing Phoenix SecureCore Tiano, no flashing required.
  • Develop your own application debugger via our bidirectional SPI Hyper terminal and control application from your host PC

All DediProg tools, programmers, emulators and debuggers can be ordered at Eltan.

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