EM100Pro-G2 is DediProg SPI NOR Flash emulator integrated high-speed DRAM memory to offer the best code updating performances. This advanced tool has been designed in close cooperation with the SPI NOR Flash suppliers to emulator the behavior of all the SPI NOR Flash on the market and also the next generation SPI NOR Flash.


It provides engineers with a flexible development and testing tool for any embedded project that uses an external SPI NOR Flash. It provides quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles during development.

EM100Pro-G2 increases productivity by downloading firmware code or data into the emulator in a few seconds for density as large as 2Gb. In addition, it provides "SPI BUS Analyzer" feature by collecting all the SPI command and data on the SPI bus in order to help the debugging process.
It will speed up your firmware development and testing by eliminating the need to remove-erase-program and re-install SPI flash each time you test a code change.
If you want to stop the "program/insert/boot/remove/erase" cycle, then this is the tool for you. 

Features :

  • Emulate all the market SPI NOR Flash in one click
  • Update code in less than 3 seconds
  • Support up to 2Gbit SPI NOR Flash emulation
  • Support Single IO, Dual IO, and Quad IO
  • Quad IO supports SPI CLK up to 50MHz (AC switching power adaptor is required)
  • Automatically switch 3.3V or 1.8V according to the IC voltage specification
  • Built-in 512MB Buffer, supporting a larger number of SPI Trace log storing
  • Dual-color LED status indicator
  • Support 4-byte address mode option
  • Provide option to use CS1 or CS2
  • Extra debugging function: SPI bus trace and HyperTerminal
  • SPI Hyper terminal to display debug messages from your application firmware to your host PC
  • Support Windows 2003 and above & Support both 32 bit or 64 bit OS
  • USB powered
  • Palm size

Benefits :

  • Minutes becomes seconds for SPI NOR Flash code update (3 seconds to update 128Mb SPI Flash)
  • Debug efficiently your application through the available SPI bus with our SPI Trace, SPI Trigger, SPI Hyper Terminal for debug messages
  • Develop your own application debugger via our bidirectional SPI Hyper terminal and control application from your host PC
  • EM100Pro-G2 can connect with Intel motherboard by specific adaptor ISP-ADP-Intel-C2 (Option)
  • You ideal development tool when developing Phoenix SecureCore Tiano, no flashing required.

Details :

The EM100Pro-G2 has two 2.54mm pitch males connectors of:

  • 2x2 for the Reset and Trig signals
  • 2x10 for the Emulation signals

EM100Pro-G2 is designed with ISP header, through different cables/adaptors, it can connect to the PCB board directly. Please refer to Table 1 for EM100Pro-G2 2x10 header pin out.
DediProg also provides the EM100Pro-G2 ISP Cable which is used to connect the EM100Pro-G2 programmer to the 2X5 2.54mm ISP Pin Header on board, please refer to Table 2 for the EM100Pro-G2 ISP Cable 2x5 pin out.

The package box includes :

  • EM100Pro-G2 
  • USB 2.0 cable 
  • AC switching power adaptor 
  • 2.54mm 2x10 to 2.54mm 2x5 cable 
  • 1.27mm 2x4 to 1.27mm 2x4 cable 
  • 1.27mm 2x4 to 1.27mm 2x4 cable 2.5cm 
  • 1.27mm 2x8 to 1.27mm 2x8 cable 
  • 2.54mm 2x10 to 1.27mm 2x4 SO8 connection adaptor 
  • 2.54mm 2x10 to 1.27mm 2x8 SO8 connection adaptor 
  • 12cm EM100Pro split cable with grabber clip 
  • 4x: 1.27mm 2x8 SMT male header  (10.3mm)
  • 4x: 1.27mm 2x4 SMT male header (6.0mm) 
  • 4x: 1.27mm 2x4 SMT male header (10.3mm) 
  • 5x: 15cm single wire with 2.54mm Dupont head 
  • EM100Pro Reference Flash Adaptor (SO8W) 
  • EM100Pro Reference Flash Adaptor (SO16W) 
  • 2x: Grabber Clip 
  • CD-ROM (Included Software and user manual) 

All DediProg tools, programmers, emulators and debuggers can be ordered at Eltan.

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