The SF100 is a high speed “In System Programming” programmer to update the SPI Flash soldered on board or Freescale MCU using Ezport.



The programmer is easily controlled by the computer DediProg Software through the USB bus offering friendly interface and powerful features to users.

This programmer is the perfect programming device when a programmer is needed during the development of a Phoenix SecureCore Tiano UEFI BIOS.

The SF100 USB software tool chain offers high flexibility and fit the different and highest requirements

Engineering Graphic human interface: for engineers and expert to access advanced features for development, repairing etc.

Production Graphic human interface: for operators in production to control multiple programmers and improve the throughput.

Command line interface: Customer software can control the multi SF100 programmers (SF100 integration, Control SF100 with Production In Circuit Tester..)

Features :

  • Update Serial Flash soldered on board with application powered or not
  • Update the internal Flash of Freescale MCU using the Ezport (MCF5223, MCF5221, MCF5213) or the external SPI Flash of Freescale MCU using the SBF interface (MCF5445, MCF5227)
  • Control Application, controller reset and MOSFET isolation status
  • Capable of handling two serial flash memories
  • USB Interface
  • Start button feature
  • Signal conflict protections
  • Multi-Programmers Capability
  • High performance e.g. 8Mb Program + Verify  : 8s

Hardware :

SF100 is designed with an ISP header, through an appropriate connector, users can connect the programmer and drive the SPI signals, supply the memory and control the controller or application status. DediProg also provides the SF100 ISP Cable which is used to connect the SF100 programmer to the 2X4 2.54mm ISP Pin Header on board.

All DediProg tools, programmers, emulators and debuggers can be ordered at Eltan.

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