Dediprog SPI Flash tools

Eltan offers a complete range of SPI flash programming and emulation tools. These can be used during the development and manufacturing phase of the product.

SF100 ISP Programmer

The SF100 is a high speed “In System Programming” programmer to update the SPI Flash soldered on board or Freescale MCU using Ezport.

SF600 SPI Flash Programmer

The SF600 is a high speed "in System Programming" programmer to update the SPI Flash soldered on board (In Circuit Programming) or in the socket adaptor (Off line programming).

EM100 Emulator

EM100 is the DediProg Serial Flash Emulator based on RAM memory in order to offer the best update performance. This advanced tool has been designed in close cooperation with the Serial Flash suppliers to emulate the behaviors of all the market Serial Flash and also the next generation Serial Flash.

SPI Flash Development Kit

SPI Flash Development kit gives engineers the total solution while working on firmware development based on the SPI flash memories. This kit combines all the accessories of EM100 and SF100 and gives the users greater price advantages than purchasing separately.

Backup Boot Flash Kit -Dual SO8N(150mil) Sockets

The “Backup Boot Flash Kit (Dual SO8N)” is used as a Serial Flash Emulator for easy code development to reduce your time to market. This kit also includes the SF100 programmer. Separate modules without the SF100 are available as an accessory.