This board contains Phoenix MultiKey embedded controller firmware, power sequencing and it emulates a FWH using the connected SPI flash. It can be used to quickly evaluate this software in an Intel evaluation board and as a development board for Embedded Controller software.


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This board is intended as a development tool.

It  includes the following standard functionality:

  • Phoenix MultiKey embedded controller firmware
  • Power sequencing matching the Intel reference board
  • SPI flash : emulates a FWH so a FWH is not required for a Poulsbo system

The board is connected to the evaluation board using the 60 pin connector provided. It can be used as a drop in replacement for the standard Embedded Controller mounted on the motherboard.

Currently the Crown Beach evaluation board is supported.

The firmware will be customized to match the your requirement. The schematics are available and can be used in a customer design to reduce the risk and shorten the development cycle.

We work closely with Renesas to provide a solid solution for x86 board manufacturers. 

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