Eltan LogoEltan SlimBoot is a modern bootloader for the Intel processors and is based on the Intel Slim Bootloader (SBL) and FSP 2.0.

Eltan SlimBoot

Eltan SlimBoot is designed to be:
•    Small
•    Fast
•    Secure
•    Extensible
•    Configurable

The following security features are supported:
•    Bootguard
•    Measured boot
•    Verified Boot
•    Secure flash update

SlimBoot uses a layered model. The actual SlimBoot layer takes care of the system initialization. On top of this payloads are supported to provide the desired functionality.

SlimBoot can securely boot a hypervisor or operating system using IAS images (Intel Automotive Service image format). Tools are provided to create those images. This will simply launch the OS without providing runtime support to the OS.

In addition SlimBoot also supports a TianoCore payload in order to boot operating systems that require UEFI and UEFI secure boot.

Other payloads will be made available and it is possible to add custom payload or use LinuxBoot as a payload on top of SlimBoot.

Updating the SlimBoot firmware is performed in a secure way using signed capsules.

SlimBoot contains a small, extensible shell that can be used for debugging and diagnosing purposes. It can be left out easily to save space or prevent security issues.

Eltan SlimBoot uses the EDK II build system used in TianoCore and can use TianoCore libraries. Because of this existing libraries can be reused easily and libraries that are developed can be reused in the TianoCore payload or even in a full UEFI BIOS without an issue. So duplicate development efforts can be prevented! SIimBoot is carrying a BSD license.

Eltan SlimBoot is currently available for ApolloLake. This support will be extended by other platforms supporting FSP 2.0.

Please contact Eltan for more information about the Eltan SlimBoot solution.

The image below provides a quick overview of the architecture.


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