Development environment for coreboot

Eltan coreboot studio is an advanced firmware development environment for OEMs and ODMs who are implementing coreboot firmware for PCs and embedded devices. It leverages the powerful graphical interface of Eclipse so device engineers can create coreboot firmware for entirely new categories of embedded and connected devices for the networked home and the mobile enterprise.

Now companies can use the Eltan-customized GUI to develop and build more secure, reliable devices based on coreboot. And they can take those products to market faster with more inherent value.

As the PC industry incorporates new "trusted computing" technologies into standard x86 platforms, the firmware development environment Eltan coreboot studio allows device designers to integrate these security innovations quickly and seamlessly.

Eltan coreboot studio is built on top of the powerful Eclipse IDE and Eltan has complemented it by adding a complete, validated , fully-integrated tool suite, customizing the environment with a GUI specifically for coreboot development.

By combining Eltan coreboot BSP source code with the powerful Eltan coreboot studio an SDK is created that can be used for coreboot customizations.

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