Phoenix MultiKey Embedded Controller firmware is the industry standard firmware and is available for many devices. Working with Eltan, manufacturers can use the product for a customized Embedded Controller solution that meets their specific design requirements.


The MultiKey/42 is code for keyboard controllers and Super I/Os (SIOs) used as keyboard controllers. MultiKey/42 supports multiple input devices and password security.

Enhanced MultiKey/42x™

The Enhanced MultiKey/42x is code for keyboard controllers, SIOs used as keyboard controllers and Internal-Scan-Code controllers. Enhanced MultiKey/42x supports multiple input devices and password security. Hot Plug and Port swapping, inactivity timers, Hot Keys and USB support for legacy devices are included.

Phoenix Multikey provides also power sequencing support for Intel® Atom™ Processor Z5xx Series and Intel® System Controller Hub (SCH) platforms. Specifically for the Intel® Atom™ we also added FWH emulation for an SPI flash connected to the Intel® System Controller Hub (SCH). Examples of this solution using the Renesas H8S/2117R and ITE8512 that can be easily evaluated can be found in the Development Tools section.

Please contact us for information about the supported devices and additional features.

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