Intel Slim Bootloader (SBL)

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Why Eltan as your Slim Bootloader engineering partner?

  • Inhouse hardware department for debugging
  • Official Intel ecosystem partner
  • Intel Gold Member
  • FSP Fellow Traveller
  • Customized firmware solutions
  • Experience in implementing firmware since 2018
  • Maintenance of system firmware
  • Security patches updates

Why Intel Slim Bootloader?

Small footprint

Slim Bootloader is specifically designed to have a minimal footprint, consuming minimal resources in terms of storage space, memory, and processing power. This is particularly beneficial for resource-constrained embedded systems where every kilobyte matters.

Fast Boottimes

Slim Bootloader is optimized for quick booting, aiming to reduce the time it takes for the system to start up. By focusing on essential boot processes and minimizing unnecessary initialization, Slim Bootloader can help achieve faster boot times for improved system responsiveness.



Slim Bootloader prioritizes security by implementing various measures such as secure boot, verified boot, and cryptographic support. These features help protect the system against unauthorized firmware or software modifications, enhancing the overall security of the embedded device.

Open Source community

Being an open-source project, Slim Bootloader benefits from an active community of developers and enthusiasts who contribute to its development, provide support, and continuously improve its features and functionality. This community-driven nature ensures ongoing development and encourages collaboration.



Slim Bootloader supports a wide range of hardware platforms, making it suitable for various embedded systems and IoT devices. Its compatibility with different architectures, such as ARM, x86, MIPS, and RISC-V, enables users to deploy Slim Bootloader across diverse hardware ecosystems.