eSPI POST Code card

A valuable tool for bringing-up new hardware design and debugging the firmware.

Display port 80h and 81h.

Providing USB port to display debug output.

Output port 80h up to 84h to serial port.

Debug adapter for firmware development

The eSPI POST Code card can be connected to the system using the eSPI header.
Custom versions can be created to suit your needs.


  • Port 80h code display
  • Debugging x86 firmware
  • Kernel debugging for any operating system
  • Output of debugging messages for firmware
  • PC computer repair tool
  • Functional test tool

Supported platforms:

Intel platforms

  • Alder Lake
  • Comet Lake
  • Elkhart Lake
  • Kaby Lake
  • Skylake
  • Tiger Lake
  • Wiskey Lake

AMD platforms

  • AMD Lilac board

Using another platform?

  • Please contact us for the possibilities