Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame® Technology is the sixth evolution of Phoenix Technologies’ firmware SDK solution for embedded x86 designs. Working with Eltan, manufacturers can use the product for a customized Bios solution that meets their specific design requirements.

Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame® Technology can still be licensed but is not recommended for new designs. For new projects one of the following Products versions should be used:

Phoenix SecureCore Technology Embedded

Phoenix SecureCore Technology Mobile

Phoenix SecureCore Technology Server

Best Firmware for Embedded Designs

  • Supports the fastest boot times in the industry (<86ms)
  • Small code footprint
  • Mature, Widely-Deployed Code Base

Highest quality source code.

  • Deployed across a wide range of embedded verticals including wireless /telecom, industrial automation, consumer electronics, military/aerospace, automotive, medical, gaming, and retail automation.
  • Deployed in a wide range of platforms and form factors ranging from pocket PCs, laptops and notebooks to 32- and 64-bit servers, blades, and clusters beyond 10,000 nodes.

Most Flexible and Configurable BIOS SDK

  • 1,000+ simple source-level configuration options.
  • Precise control and customization of platform behavior through “Board Personality Modules”.
  • StrongFrame technology allows multiple core development within one unified build environment, thereby maximizing flexibility and code reuse.

Enables Rapid, Low-Risk Deployment
Deep Compatibility with 25 Years of Industry Standards
Broad Range of Silicon Support

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