Eltan B.V. enables a new category of desktop computers by creating a custom coreboot implementation for the Design SHIFT ORWL desktop computer. This is what Design SHIFT shares about the ORWL

Design SHIFT logo

Design SHIFT was started in 2009 with the simple idea that with passion and focus small teams can deliver breakthrough products.

ORWL is a new category of desktop computer designed using banking technologies to protect your encrypted data. ORWL requires both a key and a password to be used. ORWL protects against physical attacks and will secure erase if tampered with. ORWL will replace your desktop computer at work or at home and provide additional protection to your system.

Many of ORWL’s security features rely on the interaction between the BIOS and the secure microcontroller (MCU). For example, the secure MCU needs to instruct the BIOS to lock the computer when the keyfob goes out of range. Similarly, the secure MCU needs to provide the encrypted SSD with the decryption key at the right time in the boot process.