August 18, 2003. Den Dungen, The Netherlands - Eltan B.V., a European independent engineering company based in The Netherlands, specialised in PC and Communication Technology today announced availability of FirstBIOS and Core Managed Environment (cME) protected applications for manufacturers and system administrators.

Eltan B.V. is a partner for Phoenix for many years for the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) products. BIOS products are at the core of PC based equipment and the Phoenix products are installed annually in over 100 million units. Now, with Phoenix a new class of BIOS is introduced.

The new FirstBIOS versions, are extending the current Phoenix BIOS and Award BIOS functionality and are setting complete new standards for BIOS. New features include: Rom based security, performance boost/ faster boot time and a rich graphical user interface.

cME applications are FirstBIOS, StrongRom protected applications for security, recovery and Operating System independent connectivity. These applications are protected from viruses, user errors, hackers and corruption. For manufacturers these new applications are reducing cost. Systems can recover with out the need of floppies or CD’s. The systems can connect to the Internet to download drivers without a running OS. Users can simply restore systems to previous states. These applications are available for any PC platform.

For Information Appliances, basically any electronic device with Internet connectivity, we have products and services available. These devices can range from Set top boxes, Intelligent TV’s to remote access or alarm functionality to Coffee or bottle dispensers. FirstViewConnect provides a complete solution for OEM customers to create Information Appliance products.

The new products do set new standards for the customer experience of PC technology. At the same time reducing costs to manufacturers and system administrators. Products and services are available immediately.

About Eltan:
Eltan is based in Den Dungen, The Netherlands and provides products and engineering services for Europe, The Middle East, India and Africa. Eltan is specialised in (embedded) PC and Communication Technology: hardware design, Firmware/ BIOS, drivers, operating systems, and in bringing products to market.
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