May 9, 2008. Den Dungen, The Netherlands 
Intel has teamed with Silica and Eltan to provide an early access to their new low- power architectures for the embedded market place to a selected number of customers.


Be among the first to access Intel’s new family of low-power processors in any depth

Workshop takes place on 15 May at Intel in Kontich (Antwerpen) Belgium

Tentative AGENDA
09:30 Registration / Coffee
10.00 Keynote’s
10:30 Intel® Architecture (IA) Overview, Menlow Technical Update and Demo
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Tolapai Technical Update, Tolapai Demo, SecureCore Bios and UEFI Update
15:00 SSD, LAD

Intel® Atom™ processor and Intel® System Controller Hub

Formerly codenamed "Menlow,“ this platform includes the Intel® Atom™ processor, a low-power companion chip with integrated graphics, Intel® System Controller Hub, and thinner and lighter designs.


Code-named “Tolapai” is an integrated SOC combining an x86 CPU, a memory controller and an I/O controller into a single chip. Intel has added the Intel® QuickAssist Integrated Accelerator, an acceleration technology that will increase the effective data throughput and performance and reduce the power consumption of a given application.

Intel® 45nm high-k

Intel® 45nm high-k metal gate silicon technology is the next-generation Intel® Core™ microarchitecture. With roughly twice the density of Intel® 65nm technology, Intel's 45nm packs about double the number of transistors into the same silicon space. That's more than 400 million transistors for dual-core processors and more than 800 million for quad-core.

“The Biggest Change in transistor technology in 40 years” Gordon Moore

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