Since the start of the Embedded World in 2003 Eltan has been present. As Embedded World did grow, Eltan did grow.

We always enjoyed meeting customers and all visitors and enjoyed the face-to-face discussions on the “core” of the technology. We always had demos of the latest technology available.

Use our Contact Form to set up a meeting this year. 

Next year, we will invite you again to meet at our booth. 2023

June 2022, ELTAN will not be exhibiting at the Embedded World Exhibition, Nürnberg, Germany.

However contact us, in case you want information about the new developments available on the different firmware offerings based on Phoenix BIOS, coreboot, and Slim Bootloader.

For example

  • the latest Intel offerings like Tiger Lake and Elkhart Lake.
  • the latest AMD offerings like Epyc 3000 and Epyc 7000.
  • Our BMC solution.
  • the new version of LPC POST and eSPI POST Card.
  • How to implement security from the bottom and how to get your solution certified.
  • How to implement functional safety in your design.
  • How to create your hardware design.

This year, we invite you to have face-to-face discussions with us on the subjects mentioned above or any other items you may want to discuss with us. Please take this opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges you are facing and together with our experts, we can find a solution. For more information use the Contact Form