Eltan and embedded world 2022


Since the start of the Embedded World in 2003 Eltan has been present. As Embedded World did grow, Eltan did grow.

We always enjoyed meeting customers and all visitors and enjoyed the face-to-face discussions on the “core” of the technology. We always had demos of the latest technology available.

Use our Contact Form to set up a meeting this year. 

Next year, we will invite you again to meet at our booth. 2023

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Secure SPI Flash device


Intel is promoting implementing Secure Flash for Alder Lake PS platform.

A Secure Flash is a special SPI flash device with capability of write-protecting data regions, which can be re-programmed with special tool using secret token. Eltan is design partner of Winbond TrustME® secure Flash. The Winbond TrustME® W77Q provides means to protect, detect and recover from unauthorized change of code and critical data stored in the flash memory.

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