Eltan is focused on delivery of products and services based on PC- and Communication technology. Eltan is a very innovative company supplying the fundamentals at hardware and software level for applying PC and Communication Technology in new embedded areas.

With in-house experts for hardware design, Firmware (Phoenix UEFI and Legacy Bios, coreboot, FSP, Bootloaders, UEFI), Device Drivers, (Real Time) Operating Systems and Security, Eltan provides a unique concentration of experts to create new products and fully exploit the opportunities of the new technologies.

Eltan has a huge track record in every area of the system design process. Because of this we guide you through the complete process from high level design all the way to the production stage. We also assist you in each stage of the process either by providing advice or by performing reviews.

Eltan has a record experience for manufacturing, system building and maintaining a large and secure PC employment in all environments.

Area of operation

Customers are in the industrial embedded market and the Consumer Electronics markets. Creating short time-to-market, high quality cost-effective products with all the benefits of the technology without the disadvantages of a standard PC. Based on PC Technology the widest range of software components are available. The majority of the software developers is familiar with the PC environment and is able to create software for the embedded environment. Eltan is realizing projects by actual product development, implementation, test, phase-in and support by experts. Eltan provides seamless licenses and production capacity. Eltan has an advising and / or executing role.

The customer base is located in Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and the US. Eltan is working together worldwide with both suppliers as well as large-users of PC and / or Communication technology.


A young and enthusiastic, but very experienced team with short communication and decision links forms ELTAN. Experts with over 30 years of experience in PC- and Communication Technology are in-house.

The team has extensive know-how of PC- and Communication Technology and the process to develop, produce and use products based on these technologies.

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