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Eltan is your PC and Communication Technology Partner in:

Product Development

  • Phoenix SecureCore Technology UEFI BIOS

  • Phoenix Legacy BIOS including Award and General Software

  • Hardware development

  • Embedded controllers

  • Device Drivers

BIOS: Phoenix SecureCore Tiano, Phoenix SecureCore, Phoenix EBSF, Embedded BIOS, Phoenix TrustedCore, PhoenixBIOS, Phoenix AwardCore, AwardBIOS, Phoenix MircoCore, General Software BIOS and GenSW BIOS

Security and Appliances

Hardware design: x86, ARM and embedded controllers

Embedded Software and Operating System Services

Device Drivers and Board Support Packages

Solution Support for Manufacturers, System builders and large-scale PC owners.



Eltan covers all aspects of product development by a team of experts in hardware, Firmware (BIOS), UEFI, Device Drivers, (Real Time) Operating Systems and Security. We are able to create new products and exploit the opportunities of new technologies.

Based on experience Eltan supports and supplies tools for Developers, Manufacturers, System builders and large-scale PC owners/IT managers.

Eltan is the EMEA Master Distributor for Phoenix Technologies Ltd.


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